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Convenient Tesla Electric Car Charging Stations at Harpeth Square Apartments

Experience the convenience of on-site Tesla Electric Car Charging Stations at Harpeth Square Apartments. Charge your electric vehicle effortlessly and embrace sustainable transportation options right at home.

Your Well-Being Is our Priority

At Harpeth Square, we prioritize sustainable living. Our community offers the convenience of on-site Tesla Electric Car Charing Stations, allowing you to charge your electric vehicle hassle-free. Say goodbye to the search for charging stations and embrace a greener lifestyle. Join us at Harpeth Square Apartments and enjoy the ease and convenience of charging your electric vehicle right at home.

With our Tesla Electric Car Charging Stations, you’ll have the peace of mind knowing that you can effortlessly charge your electric vehicle while enjoying the comforts of our luxurious community. Say goodbye to the stress of finding charging stations and the inconvenience of long charging times. Embrace a more sustainable lifestyle by choosing Harpeth Square as your home.

Schedule a tour today and see how Harpeth Square Apartments can elevate your living experience while supporting sustainable transportation.

Charging Station Features:

  • Convenience:
    With Tesla Electric Car Charging Stations conveniently located on-site, residents have the ultimate convenience of charging their electric vehicles without the need to venture far from home. No more worrying about finding public charging stations or waiting in line to charge your vehicle. The charging stations are just steps away, making it easy to maintain and charge your electric car.
  • Time Savings:
    By having Tesla Electric Car Charging Stations at Harpeth Square Apartments, residents can save valuable time. Rather than spending time searching for charging stations in the area or planning your day around charging needs, you can simply park your vehicle at the charging station and let it charge while you focus on other priorities. It streamlines the charging process, giving you more time to enjoy the things that matter most to you.
  • Environmentally Friendly:
    Embrace a more sustainable lifestyle by utilizing the Tesla Electric Car Charging Stations. By charging your electric vehicle at Harpeth Square Apartments, you are reducing your carbon footprint and contributing to a cleaner environment. This environmentally friendly option aligns with your values and supports the global shift towards sustainable transportation.
  • Cost Savings:
    Charging your electric vehicle at Harpeth Square Apartments can lead to significant cost savings. Compared to traditional gasoline-powered cars, electric vehicles tend to have lower fuel and maintenance costs. With the convenience of on-site charging, you can avoid the expenses associated with public charging stations or gasoline refueling. It’s a financially smart choice that can positively impact your budget.
  • Exclusivity:
    Having Tesla Electric Car Charging Stations at Harpeth Square Apartments offers an exclusive advantage for residents. It showcases the commitment of our community to providing top-notch amenities and staying at the forefront of sustainable living. By choosing to live at Harpeth Square, you become part of a community that embraces innovation and offers exclusive perks for electric vehicle owners.

Explore our available floor plans and make the move to a sustainable lifestyle today.

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Dive into authentic stories and experiences from those who call Harpeth Square home. Let our community speak for itself—read real testimonials from satisfied residents. Discover why many choose us as their haven in Franklin, TN.

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Yulonda Latham (Y)
Yulonda Latham (Y)
We love living here. You can't beat the amazing location and the apartments are lovely.
Robert Bryant
Robert Bryant
Nice place if u want to spend 3000+ a month to live in downtown Franklin have no parking no yard nothing opened after 830-9 this is a perfect place for u.... The hallways remind me of the shining or some other horror film around every corner I'm expecting a set of twins waiting on me.. Lol
Gregory Flittner
Gregory Flittner
I have been working with Jimmy and Davis over the last two weeks. They are can do people and really are professionals. I would recommend them for anyone that wants a job done on time and done correctly.
Greg McCollum
Greg McCollum
This management group is very friendly and responsive. It is a joy to walk into the leasing office and hear "How can we help you?" They are a top-shelf group of folks!!
Roger Murrah
Roger Murrah
I am very pleased with the professional and efficient service provided by Harpeth Square Apartments. I enjoy the atmosphere, the staff, and the community. This is the way apartment living should be. I have no plans of leaving. - From a verified resident on ApartmentRatings
Christopher Todd
Christopher Todd
We lived at Harpeth Square Apartments from August 2020 to February 2021 and we can not say enough how great it was to live there. The unit was beautiful, all the employees met every one of our needs, and we truly were sad to move out (we moved to a new home). We have lived in many places the past 15 years (9 or more) and I would rate Harpeth at the very top. We look forward to coming by to visit the team in the future!
Collette Peters
Collette Peters
Living in the Harpeth Square Apartments is an amazing experience! My husband and I love the amenities, the connection with the Harpeth Hotel, and walking to everything downtown Franklin has to offer. We can't say enough about how wonderful and welcoming the staff and other residents have been. We are definitely feeling at home!
Ellie Voelker
Ellie Voelker
We love living here at Harpeth Square! Being right downtown Franklin and having the luxury of walking to dinner or down to the shops is a huge plus. There is also a walking path out back that goes along the Harpeth River, so if you have dogs, or just like to run or walk it’s super convenient. The staff and management are extremely friendly and will work with you and listen to any concerns you may have. The courtyard is great for relaxing or grilling up dinner on the grill. There is also a gym that is always super clean. So many great amenities!

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