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Floor Plans Rendered Of A Single-bedroom Apartment In Harpeth Square


Efficiency  |  1 Bath  |  675 sq. ft.

Floor Plans Rendered Of A Single-bedroom Apartment In Harpeth Square


1 Bed  |  1 Bath  |  824 sq. ft.

Floor Plans Rendered Of A Single-bedroom Apartment In Harpeth Square


1 Bed  |  1 Bath  |  725 sq. ft.

Floor Plans Rendered Of A Two-bedroom Apartment In Harpeth Square


1 Bed  |  1 Bath  |  831 sq. ft.

"Floor Plan Coming Soon" Over A Rendered Apartment


1 Bed  |  1 Bath  |  824 sq. ft.

Floor Plans Rendered Of A Two-bedroom Apartment With A Balcony And A Large Space In The Kitchen Area In Harpeth Square


2 Bed  |  2 Bath  |  1645 sq. ft.

Floor Plans Rendered Of A Two-bedroom Apartment In Harpeth Square


 2 Bed  |  2 Bath  |  1130 - 1224 sq. ft.

Floor Plans Rendered Of A Two-bedroom Apartment With A Balcony In Harpeth Square


2 Bed  |  2 Bath  |  1250 sq. ft.

Floor Plans Rendered Of A Two-bedroom Apartment With A Balcony In Harpeth Square


2 Bed  |  2 Bath  |  1427 sq. ft.

"Floor Plan Coming Soon" Over A Rendered Plan


2 Bed  |  2 Bath  |  1290 sq. ft.

Floor Plans Rendered Of A Two-bedroom Apartment With A Balcony And A Large Space In The Kitchen Area In Harpeth Square


3 Bed  |  2 Bath  |  1550 sq. ft.

"Floor Plan Coming Soon" On Top Of A Rendered Plan


3 Bed  |  2 Bath  |  1594 sq. ft.

Floor Plans Rendered Of A Three-bedroom Apartment And A Large Space In The Kitchen Area In Harpeth Square


3 Bed  |  3 Bath  |  2178 sq. ft.

Floor Plans Rendering Of A House With Three Bedrooms, Kitchen, And Two Wash Rooms.


3 Bed  |  2.5 Bath  |  2134 sq. ft.

Floor Plans Rendering Of A House With Three Bedrooms, Kitchen, And Two Wash Rooms.


3 Bed  |  3 Bath  |  1900 sq. ft.

Floor Plans Rendered Of A Three-bedroom Apartment With A Balcony And A Large Space In The Kitchen Area In Harpeth Square


3 Bed  |  2 Bath  |  1877 sq. ft.

Floor Plans Rendered Of A Three-bedroom Apartment, A Large Space In The Kitchen Area, And A Large Outdoor Space In Harpeth Square


3 Bed  |  2.5 Bath  |  2271 sq. ft.

*Floorplans are artist’s rendering. All dimensions are approximate. Actual product and specifications may vary in dimension or detail. Not all features are available in every apartment. Prices and availability are subject to change. Please see a representative for details.

Harpeth Square Apartments: Redefining Apartment Living in Franklin, TN

When it comes to finding the perfect apartment in Franklin, TN, Harpeth Square Apartments not only meets the criteria but also elevates the standard of apartment living. Here’s why Harpeth Square stands head and shoulders above other rental options in the area:

Prime Location in Historic Franklin

Walking Distance to Franklin’s Gems

Situated in the heart of historic downtown Franklin, Harpeth Square Apartments offers residents unparalleled access to the city’s rich history, vibrant arts scene, and a plethora of dining and entertainment options. Walking the streets around Harpeth Square transports you back in time, allowing you to be a part of Franklin’s storied past while enjoying modern conveniences.
Beyond its aesthetic allure, the location of Harpeth Square Apartments is incredibly strategic. Residing in downtown Franklin means less commute time for those working in the city. Furthermore, the area is highly pedestrian-friendly, promoting a healthier lifestyle where residents can frequently opt for walks over drives, taking in the architectural beauty and soaking in the local culture, making everyday living a delightful experience.

Thoughtfully Designed Floorplans

Tailored Spaces for Modern Living

Every inch of Harpeth Square is designed with the resident in mind. From spacious studios to luxurious multi-bedroom suites, each floorplan caters to a diverse range of needs and preferences. High ceilings, open-concept designs, and top-tier finishes ensure that every home feels both expansive and cozy.
Each floorplan at Harpeth Square is the culmination of intensive research and design expertise. They’re structured to optimize natural light, promote airflow, and maximize usable space. The architects and designers have considered every detail, from the placement of electrical outlets to the choice of lighting fixtures, ensuring that each apartment isn’t just a residence but a haven of comfort.

Premium Amenities

A Luxurious Lifestyle Beckons

At Harpeth Square, the amenities go beyond the standard. Residents can enjoy state-of-the-art fitness centers, serene courtyards, and social lounges. Plus, with on-site Tesla Electric Car Charging Stations and the advantage of having a hotel connection, convenience is woven into the fabric of Harpeth Square living.
While most apartments might offer a gym or a communal area, Harpeth Square’s amenities are curated for a holistic lifestyle. The fitness centers are equipped with the latest machinery, the courtyards are landscaped to perfection, and the lounges are designed for both relaxation and entertainment. This dedication to offering a superior living experience signifies the emphasis Harpeth Square places on the well-being and satisfaction of its residents.

Proximity to the Scenic Harpeth River

Nature’s Tranquility at Your Doorstep

Nature enthusiasts will appreciate the apartment’s proximity to the beautiful Harpeth River. Whether you prefer morning jogs by the river, weekend kayaking trips, or serene evening walks, living so close to one of Franklin’s natural gems is a luxury in itself.
The Harpeth River isn’t just a natural beauty; it’s an ecosystem teeming with life. Its banks are an excellent spot for birdwatching, while its waters are home to various local fish species. For residents, this proximity means a unique opportunity to connect with nature, observe its cycles, and rejuvenate amidst its tranquillity.

A Community Within a Community

Cultivating Deep-Rooted Relationships

What sets Harpeth Square Apartments apart is its emphasis on community. Residents aren’t just tenants; they’re part of a vibrant and inclusive Harpeth Square family. Regular community events, workshops, and gatherings ensure that neighbors turn into lifelong friends.
Community living at Harpeth Square goes beyond mere acquaintances. It’s about creating a support system where residents look out for each other, celebrate milestones, and even collaborate on local initiatives or projects. It’s an environment where both young and old can find a sense of belonging, nurturing bonds that last a lifetime.

Exceptional Service

Beyond Expectations: Service that Delights

At Harpeth Square, service isn’t just a department; it’s an ethos. From the moment you express interest in renting, all the way to your daily interactions as a resident, the team at Harpeth Square is dedicated to making your living experience seamless and enjoyable.
The essence of Harpeth Square’s service model is anticipation. The dedicated team aims to foresee the needs and desires of residents, often going above and beyond the call of duty. Whether it’s addressing a maintenance request promptly or organizing surprise events to enhance communal life, Harpeth Square ensures that residents always feel valued and cared for.

Local Commerce at Your Doorstep

Experience Unique, Handpicked Offerings

Being adjacent to the Franklin Historic Commerce District means residents have a world of shopping, dining, and entertainment right outside their doorstep. Enjoy the best of local boutiques, artisanal shops, cafes, and more without the need for long commutes.
There’s a distinct advantage in being surrounded by local commerce. Not only does it bolster the economy, but it also ensures residents have access to unique, artisanal products that can’t be found in larger chain stores. Moreover, the relationships built with local shopkeepers and restaurateurs add a personal touch to every transaction, making shopping and dining out deeply enriching experiences.

Commitment to Quality and Sustainability

Blending Elegance with Earth-Conscious Choices

With a dedication to sustainable living, Harpeth Square is built with eco-friendly materials, offers energy-efficient appliances, and promotes a greener way of life, aligning with the future-forward aspirations of its residents.
In an age where sustainability isn’t just a buzzword but a necessity, Harpeth Square’s commitment stands as a testament to its forward-thinking vision. Residents can take pride in living in a space that reduces its carbon footprint without compromising on luxury. This balance between opulence and responsibility showcases Harpeth Square’s dedication to shaping a better tomorrow for its community and the planet.



Is the Location Noisy? 

  • While the location of our luxury apartments in Historic Downtown Franklin is centrally situated, we’ve taken special measures to ensure a serene and peaceful living environment for our residents. Our apartments feature concrete walls and floors that effectively minimize external noise disturbances. You can rest assured that we prioritize your tranquility and have created a space where you can enjoy the perfect blend of sophistication and serenity.

Who is the Management Company

How do we get guests into the building? 

  • We have a convenient and modern solution to ensure seamless access for guests into our building. We provide the ButterflyMX app, which allows you to set up virtual keys. With this user-friendly app, you can easily grant access to your guests, making their entry hassle-free and secure. We understand the importance of a smooth and welcoming experience for both our residents and their visitors, and the ButterflyMX app helps us achieve just that. Rest assured that we’ve made every effort to enhance your convenience and ensure a warm reception for your guests.

Wi-Fi options?  

  • We understand the significance of reliable and high-speed Wi-Fi connectivity in today’s world. That’s why we offer you a choice of top-notch internet service providers. You’ll have the option to select from well-known providers like AT&T and Xfinity, both of which offer fiber-optic technology. This means you can enjoy fast and stable internet connections, ensuring that you stay connected with ease. We prioritize your online experience and have partnered with trusted providers to offer you the best Wi-Fi options available.


What are our amenities? 

  • At our community, we take pride in providing a wide range of amenities that cater to your comfort and convenience. You’ll have access to a beautifully designed courtyard where you can unwind and enjoy outdoor gatherings with loved ones. This inviting space features a grill, fireplace, and fire pit, perfect for creating memorable moments. For those looking to stay active and fit, our fitness room is equipped to help you achieve your wellness goals.
    We also offer a welcoming clubroom where you can socialize and connect with fellow residents. Additionally, we understand the importance of efficient laundry and dry cleaning services, which is why we provide convenient lockers for your laundry needs.
    To make your life even more convenient, we offer on-site car detailing services, ensuring that your vehicle remains sparkling clean. For those seeking an extra touch of luxury, maid services are also available.
    We’ve carefully curated these amenities to enhance your lifestyle and provide you with a comfortable living experience. Our goal is to create a welcoming community where you can relax, connect, and enjoy the finer things in life.

How is Parking Handled?

  • We understand the importance of convenient and hassle-free parking for our residents. That’s why we have implemented a system that offers you a significant benefit: assigned parking spaces that are included in your rent, without any additional fees.

    Having an assigned parking space means that you’ll always have a dedicated spot waiting for you, ensuring that parking is a stress-free experience. No more circling around searching for an available spot or worrying about parking availability. Your assigned space is reserved exclusively for you, providing convenience and peace of mind.

Do you Provide Cleaning Services?

  • Harpeth Hotel amenities – the cleaning service is already on the premises to hire and clean your unit.

How Walkable is the Area Around Harpeth Square?

  • Being situated in Historic Downtown Franklin, a Great American Main Street, our community is walkable to dining, shopping and entertainment.  Also, the new sidewalk will make walking to The Factory and The Park at Harlinsdale Farm safely accessible.  Adding trials in our community is a priority.

Do I Need a Car to Live at Harpeth Square?

  • We’re glad you asked! At Harpeth Square, we understand that different residents have different transportation preferences. Whether you have a car or not, we have options in place to cater to your needs and ensure you can navigate Franklin conveniently.

    One of the great things about our location is its walkability. Our community is nestled in Historic Downtown Franklin, putting you within easy walking distance of various shops, restaurants, parks, and other local attractions. You’ll have the freedom to stroll around and explore the vibrant neighborhood at your own pace, immersing yourself in the charming surroundings.

    If you prefer not to drive or simply want to take a break from it, we’ve got you covered. The Franklin Transit system is readily accessible, offering a reliable and convenient mode of transportation throughout the area. With regular routes and stops conveniently located near Harpeth Square, you can easily hop on a bus and get to your desired destinations without the need for a car.

    We believe in providing transportation options that suit our residents’ preferences and lifestyles. Whether you choose to walk or utilize the Franklin Transit system, you’ll have the flexibility to move around the community and beyond, enjoying the best that Franklin has to offer.


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